Taking care of the file of an employee who is soon to be expatriated or impatriated? Managing the travel of consultants on long missions? Facilitating the professional secondment of an employee? These are all tasks that fall to the mobility manager, or mobility manager in French. In addition to booking train, plane and car tickets, and finding accommodation (hotel, short-term rental, furnished flat, apart-hotel) to house consultants and employees on long or short-term assignments, the mobility manager occupies a key position and has a very wide range of activities.

What is the role of the mobility manager?

The mobility manager organises and manages business trips, ensuring that they run smoothly and that consultants or employees on assignment are safe and well looked after. As a coordinator, his skills range from the implementation of the mobility strategy to its monitoring and evaluation. An essential function, at the crossroads of several company departments.

From travel manager to mobility manager

The development of professional mobility has led companies to equip themselves with travel managers or business travel managers in charge of managing the business travel of employees, expatriates, impatriates and employees on long missions. Over time, the travel manager has become an important part of the company, particularly with the introduction of the Corporate Travel Policies (Politique Voyages d’Entreprise – PVE) that appeared in the 1990s.

Over the years, with the increase in mobility, which is no longer occasional but regular, the challenges facing travel managers have changed, particularly with the growing need to create a relationship with travellers and to ensure the safety of consultants and employees during their business trips. Much more than simply organising business trips, the travel manager has little evolved towards the key role of mobility manager. In liaison with management, human resources, purchasing and finance, IT, legal and security, he is the intermediary between the company, the service providers and, of course, the employee on mobility.

Mobility manager: a cross-functional job

The mobility manager plays a pivotal role in the company in order to best coordinate the business trips of employees and to ensure that they take place under optimal conditions. He or she is responsible for defining and ensuring compliance with the Company Travel Policy (CTP), which includes the budget allocated to business travel, the company’s rules on travel management and CSR commitments. He or she is also responsible for monitoring each business trip and providing personalised assistance to employees.

The mobility manager liaises with travel and accommodation booking providers to manage the organisation of business travel from a logistical point of view. Whether in a hotel or furnished rental, in a aparthotel, furnished flat, short-term rental or for long-term assignments, he is responsible for finding and managing accommodation to accommodate consultants and employees on business trips while ensuring that the budget set by the CTP is respected. To do this, he chooses the service providers and negotiates the rates as well as the expenses and costs related to mobility. It also takes care of the administrative part of business travel, such as taking out insurance or applying for a visa if necessary. It is also in charge of possible disputes that may arise during business trips and ensuring the safety of employees or consultants, impatriates and expatriates during their missions. 

Reconciling the company’s travel policy and the well-being of employees on missions

The personalised follow-up of each business trip is an essential part of the mobility manager‘s role. Good relationship management is essential to establish a long-lasting and effective traveller relationship. Listening to employees makes it possible to facilitate exchanges and decision-making between travellers and mobility managers. Furthermore, a company’s mobility policy is important in the eyes of employees, consultants and future employees. Indeed, at the present time, professional mobility and well-being are closely linked.

Technology at the service of employee mobility

For each business trip of a consultant, employee or for the expatriation or impatriation of an employee, the mobility manager will take charge of its implementation from start to finish. To help and support him/her in all these tasks, he/she uses tools for acquiring and managing business trips and business trips that simplify the tasks to be carried out, save time and collect data, which are essential for increasing efficiency and productivity and of course, for controlling the budget as well as possible.

Facilitate the search and management of accommodation for your consultants or collaborators thanks to Extendeez®.

As you know, the quality of the accommodation is of great importance not only for the loyalty of consultants and employees, but also because employees who are satisfied with the quality of their business trip will be more efficient and effective. The Extendeez® software allows you to optimise the search for accommodation for your mobile employees and to centralise and manage your residential mobility programmes. 

After defining the essential criteria for the employee’s comfort, Extendeez® automates the search by connecting to various accommodation reservation platforms such as Booking, Airbnb, MagicStay, HomeAway, or real estate or relocation agencies. The mobility manager then centralises a selection of accommodations in order to facilitate the employee’s choice. At a glance, the employee can make his or her choice and you only have to book it.

Extendeez® not only allows you to search for accommodation in short-term rental, long-term furnished rental, apart-hotel or furnished flat but also all the administrative management relating to the rental of the accommodation. As soon as the file is created and throughout the duration of the assignment, you will have an overview of the progress of each file: accommodation search, furnished rental booking process, contracts and document signature, payments to be made or made, deposits paid (you won’t forget to retrieve it thanks to the reminder tools!) lease management, entry and exit inventories, options and services, etc., but also the real-time transmission of information relating to the accommodation to the security operator. Because the company has a duty to protect its consultants, expatriates, impatriates or employees on long missions abroad. Centralising the information enables security operators to quickly locate the employee and ensure his or her safety. Find out more about the duty of

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