As a mobility manager, you must arrange the departure and installation of your consultants and collaborators on long missions, expatriates and expatriates to start by finding the rightaccommodation to house them as soon as they arrive. But relocation does not only mean finding a furnished apartment or an apartment-hotel for short-term,medium or long-termrental, it also means providing them with personalized support. But relocation does not only mean finding a furnished apartment or an apartment-hotel for short, medium or long-term rental,it also means providing them with personalized support. You are given the keys to successfully relocating your mobility employees.

The priority of relocation: housing employees on long missions

Arrive on site and have to stay at thehotel for several weeks? Forget about that idea. Finding temporary or permanent accommodation for expatriates or impatriates the priority of the mobility manager, a real asset of the company in managing the professional travel of employees in mobility.

Listen to find the best accommodation for employees on long missions

Vous le savez, proposer un hébergement de qualité à ses collaborateurs, consultants en missions longues, travailleurs détachés, expatriés, impatriés, etc. est indispensable pour leur bien-être. De plus, des salariés satisfaits de leurs logements lors de leurs voyages d’affaires seront nécessairement plus efficaces et productifs. This is all the more true in the context of a relocation so that the employee who finds himself in a new city or a new country feels “at home” and finds his bearings quickly. Theaccommodation offered to the employee must then be of quality and meet the required criteria.

The mobility manager,in charge of collecting the needs of the employee, then takes care of the search and booking of a permanent or temporary accommodation for short-term rental, apartment-hotel, furnished apartment, etc. Usually, the company makes temporary accommodation available to the employee for 1 to 5 months. It’s a great way to get to know the city before defining which neighborhood to put your suitcases in for a long time.

Extendeez® to facilitate the management of accommodation for expatriates and mobile employees

L’organisation et le suivi personnalisé des collaborateurs en missions nécessite tant d’étapes et de tâches chronophages qu’il est facile de commettre des erreurs, des oublis, des doublons… Grâce à des outils de gestion des déplacements d’affaires comme Extendeez®, mobility manager et collaborateur peuvent gagner en temps et en transparence. Le logiciel permet de centraliser la gestion des hébergements des expatriés et impatriésconsultants et collaborateurs en missions longues. Il permet une recherche automatisée, à partir des critères définis avec le collaborateur, et d’obtenir une sélection de logements issus des différentes plateformes internet comme Airbnb, Expedia, Booking, MagicStay, etc. ou d’agences de relocation ou immobilières.

Centralize all information related to an employee’s housing.

The accommodations found are gathered and presented with the same design, allowing the employee and his spouse a quick decision. On the other hand, it does not matter whether it is a short-term rental,one-time long-term furnished rental,one apartment-hotel or a Furnished apartment: Extendeez® allows to centralize all administrative management related to the rental and thus avoid the omission factors of loss of money: deposit, options and services, signature of documents, statements of places of entry and exit, management of the lease, etc. In France, for missions ranging from 1 to 10 months, think of the mobility lease. Learn more about the mobility lease. An equally reassuring tool for the employee who then has only one interlocutor during his entire relocationperiod.

Ensure the safety and duty of protection of employees during their missions abroad

In the context of the employee’s support in his professional mobility,the mobility manager, and more broadly the company, must ensure his protection during his missions abroad. In the event of a breach of its duty to protect employees, its criminal liability may be incurred. Thanks to the centralization of hosting data, Extendeez® allows you to identify where the hosting data is located expatriates, but also employees and consultants during their missions abroad and communicate them in real time to various security operators such as Amarante, WorldAware (ex-iJet), iSOS, SSF, Anticipated, etc. to ensure their safety. Learn more about duty of care.

Managing the red tape associated with expatriation

While employees are increasingly mobile and aspire to be even more mobile in the coming years, many French people still believe that there are many obstacles to professional mobility. Through centralization, with tools such as Extendeez®, mobility manager and collaborator can effectively manage and follow their residential mobility program. However, there are many other formalities that must be discharged during a relocation.

To prepare for the employee’s departure, the mobility manager will also apply for visas and work permits. If necessary, it will manage the social security and underwriting aspects of health insurance, assistance and repatriation. Nevertheless, the employee must follow the progress of these requests and ensure that everything is in order before leaving. This will allow him to start his mission quickly and be covered in case of a problem. The best countries to go abroad

Other formalities must be dealt with, or reminded the employee, such as applying for an international or local permit, opening a bank account on site, or signing internet contracts, water, gas, electricity, telephone, etc. These contracts will have to be terminated in the original accommodation. It is also necessary to take care of the sale, the leasing or the termination of the lease of the latter and finally, the organization and coordination of the move.

Accompanying the mobility employee’s family and facilitating its integration

If for employees, expatriation means change or professional career development, when one leaves with one’s spouse and children, it implies a change of life for them as well and therefore, arrangements to be made to facilitate their departure and installation. If, from a professional point of view, the future seems to be mapped out for the employee in a situation ofexpatriation,it is necessary to consider that of the spouse by starting the job search for the latter. As far as children are educated, it will of course be necessary to find a school to send them to school and help with their childcare if necessary.

Of course, for the employee as well as for the spouse and children, learning the language, customs and culture of the country in the months leading up to departure will facilitate integration into this new environment.

Manage the mobility of employees on long missions through a relocation agency

To accompany you in yourexpat or expatriate relocation files, you can call on relocation agencies. agences de relocation These professionals take care of all the steps related to relocation for a global assistance, or allow you to delegate part of it. Be aware that you will be able to give access to Extendeez® to your relocation agency.

Note: while it is usually the company that uses relocation agencies to manage the mobility of long-term mission consultants, seconded workers, expatriates, expatriates,individuals can also use them. This can be of great help, especially to offload the paperwork not taken care of by the company as well as for aspects related to the family of theexpatriate. We explain in detail why go through a relocation agency.

The keys to a successful relocation are a transparent relationship between the company and the employee, an efficient organization and a personalized follow-up of all aspects related to mobility for rapid integration allowing considerable time savings and control of the budget.