Being mobile is a major asset in today’s professional world. Consultants, executives,employees, they are every year more numerous around the world to move abroad for the time of long-term missions or for an expatriation. If leaving your home country is not a problem, it’s not to go anywhere! What are the best countries for expatriates around the world and why are they so attractive? That has been looked at.
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The most popular countries for a move
Where to go abroad?

Living and working abroad: the essential criteria for moving abroad.

One of the main reasons for an expatriation is undoubtedly work. Expatriation is often synonymous with increased income and career development. However, an expatriationis also an opportunity to open up to new horizons, to discover other cultures and to flourish on a personal level.
Before embarking on the search for accommodation abroad and going through the offers of long-term furnished rental or purchase ofapartment and house, to choose the ideal destination, future expatriates are attentive to many criteria.

The most welcoming countries to settle abroad.

Expat Insider 2019, InterNations has received the opinions of 20,259 expatriates, from 182 different nationalities and staying in 187 countries. 48 criteria are combined into 5 categories: quality of life, ease of installation, work abroad, family life and personal finances. This gives a general ranking of the most welcoming countries to settle abroad. Indeed, while the financial aspect and job satisfaction are important, they are as important as the quality of schools for their children, the ease of making friends or learning the language but also, and above all, as well-being and quality of life aspects. As soon as criteria are at present essential to consider an expatriation.

The 3 best countries to emigrate.

Discover the top 3 countries out of the 64 in this ranking. The criteria are quality of life, ease of installation, work, family life and finances. France is only 42nd out of 64 in this ranking. However, France is ranked 4th for the quality of its health. MagicStay offers many furnished apartments for short-term rental in Paris and throughout France.

Taiwan at the top of the rankings.

Since the inception of the survey, Taiwan has always been in the top 5 of the rankings, and for good reason. The island accumulates the right points, starting with its quality of life since it is the 3rd ideal destination according to this criterion. Expats also praise the ease of installation (it occupies the 14th position on this issue), its access to remarkable care (5th place) and a stimulating professional life since it ranks 8th in this field. All these reasons have made it the number one destination for abroad.

Expatriation/ Impetration
Moving to Taiwan

To emigrate to Vietnam to enjoy a privileged financial position.

Located in second place in this ranking, as part of a professional expatriation,Vietnam seems without a doubt the destination to be preferred. Indeed, it ranks among the best countries to work abroad. Expats are satisfied with their work and benefit from interesting career prospects. Moreover, with a relatively low local cost of living, it is also elected as the first country allowing its expatriates a comfortable financial situation, considerably higher than the global average. On the other hand, on the quality of life side, if the inhabitants are considered welcoming (5th place in the ranking), in terms of health, well-being and the development of digital life, Vietnam still has progress to make, ranking in 42nd place only for this index. See our short- or medium-term rentals in Vietnam.

Moving to Vietnam
Vietnam, a country popular with expatriates.

Moving to Portugal for incredible quality of life.

Portugal climbed to third place on the podium thanks to its unrivalled quality of life. He is the big winner in this category which is his major asset to attract foreigners. Among the sub-criteria of this index, Portugal comes second for leisure and personal development, 7th for health and well-being and 8th for safety. Moreover, while its gentle lifestyle appeals to expatriates, 83 of them feel it is easy to settle there and 51 of them may consider staying there forever.

In fact, 15 of the people who moved to Portugal did so to retire. In addition, it ranks third for friendliness and first when it comes to giving the impression of feeling “at home”. In financial terms, it is in 15th place and 18th in terms of family life, two results that are quite satisfactory. We offer many furnished apartments for short-term rental in Lisbon and throughout Portugal.

Moving to Lisbon, Portugal
Moving to Portugal

Other countries welcoming to emigrate.

To complete this top 3 of the best countries to emigrate, we find Mexico in 4th place which occupies the first step in the category “easy to settle” with welcoming and friendly inhabitants. In terms of finances and cost of living, Mexico is also in 4th position, on the security side, it plunges to 54th place.

Spain in 5th place to emigrate.

Spain ranks 5th in this ranking, thanks in part to its quality of life as it closely follows Portugal in this category and ranks 8th in the “ease of installation” category. As for family life, she still has the right points by finishing in fifth place. You can stay in a short-term rental in Barcelona.

Singapore 6th highest ranked country for expatriation.

At the 6th, Singapore is the one with a quality of life that satisfies expatriates, especially for its transport network which offers interesting travel prospects as well as for its remarkable safety.

Bahrain, Ecuador and Malaysia: 7, 8 and 9th place!

In 7th position is Bahrain, formerly at the top of the rankings in previous years. Although this Middle Eastern country is known for its ease of installation (2nd place), then first in terms of professional in 2018, it is now only 18th position in 2019. There were only 61 expatriates who said they were satisfied with their working hours and job security seems to be of concern to them (29th place for this criterion).

Ecuador is in 8th place. Known for being the first country in terms of personal development and happiness, to work there, it seems less lenient and falls to 45th place. Expats regret the lack of career opportunities and are concerned about job security.

Malaysia joins this ranking in 9th position. While it is easy to settle there (3rd place), it offers less job satisfaction and professional opportunities.

The Czech Republic: a beautiful destination for expatriates.

The Czech Republic, which is in 10th place with a good score on the labour index, offering good prospects for expatriates (2nd place) unfortunately seems less welcoming than previous destinations, ranking only 53rd in terms of “ease of installation”. You can look for a short-term rental in Prague.

Moving to Prague
Temporary accommodation for expatriates

Find temporary accommodation to start your expatriation

As part of an expatriation,you can opt for long-term furnished rental in furnished apartment,house, villa to facilitate your installation. All furnished long-term rental accommodation available on MagicStay is fully equipped, comfortable and secure.

Managed by professionals, they accompany you during your installation and for the duration of your stay if needed. To successfully move abroad,consider using a relocation agency to help you with your steps. You will thus approach this change of life as serenely as possible.

Ensuring the safety of expatriates

In all cases, and for all destinations, the company that sends employees on missions must guarantee their safety. It is therefore essential to transmit to the security operator such as iSOS, SSF, WorldAware the contact details of these expatriates or impatriates so that they are alerted in case of problems, and repatriate them if necessary.

Avoir une vue centralisée pour faciliter la gestion des expatriés / impatriés et être connecté à l’opérateur de sécurité est donc un enjeu majeur dans un monde toujours plus dangereux.

Only 64 countries received enough responses to be included in the rankings


InterNations, Expat Insider 2019 survey